After working in university counseling for over three decades in the United States and abroad, I have come to realize that: 

Each student is unique   

Each student has a desire, interest, or talent to explore

Each student deserves individual attention in the college admission process

Personalized, individual service is my strength. I am here to assist each student in finding the best university fit  - academically and socially.  My priority is to make the university application process successful and as stress-free as possible.

On this site you will discover what my services include, as well as my thoughts on education and the educational process. Please contact me with any questions!

Suzanne Jeffrey grew up in a family of educators and has been teaching piano from the time she was 12. After her college graduation, she began her full-time employment in education working with kindergarteners to college students: She has been employed both domestically (New York, California, and Texas) and internationally (the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia) in private and public schools as well as universities.  Additionally, she has given workshops for the past 15 years on a variety of subjects, ranging from Ethical Curriculum; the College Selection and the Admission Process; IB/AP Curriculums: their challenges, similarities, and differences; Writing College Recommendations; and Topics for College Essays.  Suzanne has written and published three books:  Finding Buddha, Meetings with a Dhamma Master, and The Pencil and The Path.


Jaclyn Douglass, Middle School counselor, currently works at the American School in Japan.  We met when we both worked as counselors at the International School Bangkok, and have remained friends for the past fifteen years.  Her advice has been invaluable to me.

Jonathan Horne, for our discussions on ethics and an ethics curriculum, displays an extensive knowledge of philosophy, that is available through our Resources page.

Joshua Jayindo, for his thorough knowledge and expertise of Buddhism and meditations.  His own site on Meditation and Thai massage, amongst other things, can be found here:

Dr. Jeff Harper, and Ms. Sarah Horne for their exquisite photography. and